Janneke Niessen - Personal Branding

Not a song titel but a movie titel, remember the movie? Barbra Streisand singing Evergreen. So romantic! Typical movie that came on tv in the eighties when I was a teenager and we only had 2 tv channels ;-). Remember THOSE DAYS? Well… and now with over 100, laptop and an Ipad I still get bored sometimes… if it wasn’t for NETFLIX…

Why did this title come to my mind? It’s because of you, yes I am talking to you there! I saw some of you last Monday on the BrandedU stage and your personal brand statements rocked. No YOU rocked, you were real, honest, delightful, kind, entertaining, strong, inspirational, ambitious and so beautiful!!


From the moment you were born and never forget it! Always rock your gorgeous self! And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining the BrandedU sisterhood. Remember to pay it forward ;-).

I needed to share this picture with you. It is Janneke Niessen handing over her first book Project Prep to Queen Máxima. Am so incredibly proud of this woman who told us on Monday during her talk not to dream big but to dream BIGGER! Her book will be a massive succes, if you have a teenage daughter you need to buy her this book. Janneke is on a mission to get more girls in TECH and entrepreneurship.


We want Buffi, We want Buffi. You want her so am giving her to you. Here she is straight outta Brooklyn (well really Den Bosch now but hey …. you can take a girl outta Brooklyn but you can’t take Brooklyn outta the girl)

For more info: http://www.businessenglishcommunication.com

The next BrandedU seminar will be on the 9th of September. Registration is open! Speakers will be announced end of July.

OK Girlbosses am out!