Tears for Fears baby, was I the only one who had a crush on both Roland and Curt? Come on I am talking to you c’mon.

Did I ever tell you I worked with them back in 2004? This was when I was marketing manager Europe for BMG records. I remember doing a press day with them at the Mondrian hotel in LA and how it surprised me that they were nervous about doing interviews. I guess that will never ever go away. Most artists are nervous right before they go on stage and have to perform.

Well, I felt just as nervous when I launched my new project yesterday.

After many sleepless nights pondering: shall I do this…will I be able to pull this off…can I even do this? I just thought why not and stop letting fear rule your life! Am always telling my clients with my big mouth to push themselves and that you can only grow out of your comfort zone. So here I am presenting myself to the world again. Why was I more nervous this time than last year? Still trying to figure that one out. If there are any psychs out there : help a sister out!

So what is it about? This new course is about to go even deeper than the seminars, we are not only helping you take off your professional mask but will guide through it step by step and in just ONE month you will not only have defined your personal brand but will also have learned new techniques on how you can promote it. The course will be available the whole month of june and you can jump in any time from June 1st till June 30th. And once you’ve downloaded it you will have the modules for life baby!

And… I am not doing this by myself. You know I am part of a sisterhood (join us, will ya ;-)), I have some real models helping me out. Buffi, Tilly, Nannette and Amanda I am forever grateful to you ;-). And more names will be announced soon.

The course is something I am super-excited about. We are pushing boundaries here and want to really give you your money’s worth.

If you have seen the new webpage and have watched the video and still have questions, don’t be afraid just send me an email – I am here to help.

So my newsletter is in English and the course will be in Dutch but …WITH english subtitles. I just don’t want to exclude anyone. Registration is now officially open.

Join us will ya?! Have a great weekend my dear!



p.s. I am dedicating the course to my mom, the woman who still teaches me new things everyday and loves me unconditionally!