Personal Branding Seminar with Nancy Poleon


The BrandedU seminar on June 15th was a big success!

We feel we’re one step closer in our mission to help ambitious women achieve their goals by strengthening their personal brand.

Founder Nancy Poleon started with valuable personal branding tips she learned while working in the music industry. A workshop from Buffi Duberman (TEDxAmsterdamWomen and English Coach) gave us insights on how to present your story and Marian Spier (TEDxAmsterdamWomen) said: “It starts with a brand vision. Start talking about yourself and about your content”. Before the short first break, Jenny Lane sang the beautiful Nina Simone song “ I wish I knew I how it would feel to be free”.

Our favorite Janneke Niessen (Improve Digital) quote was “If you don’t have enemies, you don’t have enough success” and Roos van Vugt (Merkwerker) gave us tips for social media and ‘how to make yourself more visible on Google’.

After lunch, Liesbeth Rigter (MoneYou) explained her 3 most important values: “1. Change is good, 2. Work as a team and 3. Love what you do.” Followed by a workshop from Thalita van Ogtrop ( the Next Closet) about fearless ambition: “Everything you ever wanted, is on the other side of fear”.

After these inspiring and eye opening talks and workshops, it was time for the participants to lean in and present their own personal brand statements.

With amazing advice and tips from our speakers, dedicated participants who weren’t afraid to speak up, delicious food and drinks  from Hôtel Droog and photos captured by Titia Hahne, we want to thank all of you who were there!


Here are some photos:











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