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Remember Musical Youth? ‘Pass the dutchie on the left hand side’

I had to think about them because my baby brother is one of the crew members of the band De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (translated : the youth of today) and they are performing at Heineken Music Hall tonight! During this beautiful sunny evening. Last night I think the sun went down at 23.00 hours. Isn’t that incredible?

It’s because of the sun finally shining that I :

  • Want to dance to reggae music
  • Want to eat banana caramel ice-cream
  • Feel like sitting in the park all day reading the many many books I still would like to read
  • Have a need for Gin & Tonic or as Buffi Duberman would say : it’s Gin o clock time!

But…. Monday is the BrandedU seminar and there is work to be done! In the meantime let me leave you with this email I received the other day from a young BrandedU participant:

‘I need to share this story with you Nancy because this would have probably not happened if I hadn’t joined your BrandedU program. I have been nominated as Young Talent (within the company I work for) and was able to get a major promotion and a huge pay rise 8 months after completing BrandedU. Sounds impossible right? I know I can hardly believe it myself. I was able to put myself out there and do some real personal branding and all this just by following all the tips and advice received throughout the course. This has not only helped my career but also myself on a personal level, I am able to buy my own house and become 100% financially independent. And it feels really good!!’

In the end it is all about being authentic. That is what I would like the youth of today to know. Don’t copy others just…..Be yourself!

Enjoy the sun,



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