Press release Renew Yourself Week

Amsterdam, 29th January 2017

The week women get what they need for a succesful career
BrandedU Launches Renew Yourself Week!

BrandedU, the personal branding program built to increase the visibility of women in business, is organizing a business retreat especially for women from the 8th – 15th of April. Eight days in Andalusia where attention will be focused on improving leadership skills, broadening perspectives and deepening of creative solutions capabilities. During this personal development journey with female professionals women will discover how their unique qualities are best put into practice. The retreat is a balanced combination of coaching sessions, workshops, mindfulness, inspiration and a dose of fun for all the hard work!

Inner and outer challenges
Besides the fact that there are few business retreats aimed at personal development for women, a lot of women find it important that there is a balance between inner and outer challenges at work. This is what organizer & BrandedU founder Nancy Poleon noticed: “I was looking for a business retreat for myself and noticed there wasn’t one where you can work on your body and your career goals. These are things that work differently for women than for men. I also felt the prices where very high, which made it more difficult to actually take the step and go for it.  I want to create an experience that stays with you long after this week because it ROCKS!”

Personal development journey
Renew Yourself Week offers a renewed perspective. From the themes Mindset, Body love, Soul purpose, Personal story and Appearances women are motivated to really get out of comfort zone and get rid of the daily demands and distractions to be able to think clearly.  So ‘me-time’ to rediscover and reload. It also works if you are not stuck in your career, because it is important to keep developing yourself.

The week women get what they need
During this week there will be mindfulness as career strategy sessions. The daily program exists of inspiring speakers, workshops, group discussions, mindfulness & yoga session, meetings by the sea, self-reflection and the opportunity to listen in an in depth manner to what drives you. “I can name 1000 reasons why women don’t take time-out’s. But I won’t name them. They are already in their heads” says Nancy Poleon. “It is time to focus on yourself and for women who want to get the best out of their careers this is a step forward. It is time to renew yourself! ”

Date: 8 – 15 April 2017
Location: Andalusia, Spain
Costs: €1500 (Early Bird before 1 February, €1750 after 1 February)

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