Proud Mary

There is one lady who’s life is just a great example of how you can change your personal brand and turn your career around: TINA TURNER.

Before I share my lessons learned I have to start by sharing the famous line from this song:
“So we’re gonna take the beginning of this song
And do it easy
But then we’re gonna do the finish rough
This is the way we do “Proud Mary”

I always get a kick out of hearing her say that. It’s so Rock ’n Roll!

What can we learn from Tina?

Change your mindset by training your brain
After 16 years of an abusive marriage, she fled from Ike Turner after a violent row before a show in Dallas. All she had was 36 cents and a gas-station credit card. How did she manage to get out of that relationship? She became a buddhist and would chant this every day: “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”. Tina said of this: ‘Practicing the words “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” for so long has put me in another frame of mind.’ It gave her strength to stand up for herself and live the life she wanted to live. I believe in mantra’s and in meditation, it will literally give you peace of mind.

Failure does not mean it’s the end
After she divorced Ike she released two solo albums which both flopped. She toured as a lounge act in America, and by 1981, no record label would touch her. Her big solo breakthrough came with a cover of Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’. And as they say, the rest is history. But she never quit her dreams. She kept believing in herself even when no one else did. You cannot count on others to make you successful. You have to do this yourself and if you loose, just learn from your losses and keep on moving.

You are never too old (or too young for that matter) to start building your personal brand
With 1984’s ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’, Tina became the oldest female artist to have an US number one hit. She was 45. This woman is a legend! She’s still listed in the Guinness Book of Records for selling more concert tickets than any solo performer in history. She has sold around 200 million records.

“Big wheels keep on turnin’, Proud Mary keeps on burning”Whatever happens, things will keep on moving and you have to decide the direction. That is what I teach women who join the BrandedU program.

2018 will be a different year for BrandedU program and the seminars are no longer at the center of what we will be doing. I haven’t decided yet whether we will keep on doing these seminars in the way we have done it over the last 4 years. But one thing I know we will not have another seminar until at least november 2018.

Sweet {!firstname_fix}, this will be your last chance to join our seminar and get inspired by the stories of women who have build themselves a personal brand.

See you on November 20!