Are you a woman who’s ready to rise at work but don’t know where to start?

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Nancy Poleon

Nancy Poleon

Having a career can be overwhelmingly challenging at times. And if you don’t know how to manage it correctly you will stay stuck with the “what am I supposed to do now?” question. But don’t panic just yet. First you need to know that your career needs a strategy. And just doing a good job is not it.

You can’t build a career simply by doing a good job. The hard truth is that your work will not speak for itself; you have to speak for it! Yet, this is what I keep hearing when it comes to women and their careers:

  • Women are wasting time in a job they don’t like and are not hired for the jobs they really want.
  • Women already do the work but don’t have the title nor the salary that goes with it.
  • Women have good ideas but are afraid to make them visible because they think they are too old, too young, too inexperienced whatever.
  • I am tired of hearing from MEN that they can’t find good women to make partners, give top roles and more.

So how can we change this for you so you can truly rise?

Change means starting with you.

Your perception of yourself.

The secret sauce

You might not define yourself as a leader (yet) but if you don’t who the hell will?!! I know you have great ideas, are ambitious and I really know that you would simply ROCK when you reach the top.

I see so many women trapped at mid-level management, rising as far as the ‘glass ceiling’ will allow. Women need to think like artists to rise to the top! Artists are the best brand builders I know. They know it takes more than talent and hard work to rise to the top; they know they need a stage to perform on, a network to help them promote their music, or their songs won’t be recognized nor gain an audience.

So let me fill you in on the secret sauce that’s been missing from women’s careers: it’s called personal branding. With personal branding comes visibility. And visibility is the key that amplifies your work and will set you up for success. And you need to know that building a strong recognizable personal brand isn’t about bragging. It’s about knowing your value and owning the things you are proud of! Yes this can be hard, but everyone can master this skill!

Take the personal branding test!

  • Takes only 3 minutes
  • See where your personal brand stands
  • Learn what you need to get done

So….do think you have the luxury to sit and do nothing? Or do you:

  • Feel the urgency to set goals and to achieve them and not just keep dreaming and brainstorming
  • Want to develop in business career and want to live your life on your terms.
  • Want to move forward instead of standing still and delaying things
  • Want to have the guts to pursue your real wishes.
  • Think that more is possible than you do now but you don’t know how to handle it in the right way and thus get out of your routine
  • Want to focus on yourself so that you can decide which direction you want to go with your career.

If so, let’s get you moving girl!

But wait, there is one big challenge.

Do you have enough bagage? Are you carrying enough awareness, confidence and believe in yourself? Every single one of them can be learned. Did you know that having confidence is a skill people develop?

Why would anyone hire you if you don’t believe you can do it? Would you go to a hair dresser that doesn’t say with confidence that she can style your hair? I think not!

So let’s keep it real. You gotta put in the work and like they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But you don’t have to do it by yourself. I am the most impatient woman in the world, those who know me well can testify on this, so I like to do this with focus and the right energy.

Because if I don’t who will, AND WHY WAIT?

Start building.

You need to do the work that will make the difference in your career. And that is simply start building a personal brand that rocks.

Yes because the problem preventing women from rising in the workplace now is that: WOMEN DON’T MAKE THEMSELVES VISIBLE!

That’s why I believe in Rock ‘n roll branding: The self-promotion framework even introverts can get comfortable with.

I am on a mission to teach future female leaders how to be seen and heard. Knowledge is nothing if it’s not visible. Personal branding is about learning how to get your voice heard authentically so you can have more impact and influence at work. Modesty is killing women’s careers and their progression to the top. Speaking up about your achievements at work is a selfless act – and is the key to closing the gender gap.

Don’t you want to be recognized at work for who you are and all that you can be? If so then building a strong personal brand is the answer.

It’s time!

Take the personal branding test!

  • Takes only 3 minutes
  • See where your personal brand stands
  • Learn what you need to get done