We‘re partnering up with Refugee Talent Hub to offer a great opportunity to women with a refugee background to build a network and kick start their career in The Netherlands.

Participants will:

  • Get assigned a buddy, a female professional working at companies such asTransavia, Unique Uitzendburo, Accenture and PWC..
  • Follow the Harder Better Faster Stronger e-course to work on their visibility and personal brand.
  • Attend AmplifyHer, the women’s visibility conference! Happening on the 1st November at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, where they’ll connect with 500 female professionals and listen to the real life stories of our speakers. Women that made it to the top of their career on their own terms.
Refugee women experience the greatest obstacles to participate in the labor market and economic independence and are in a more vulnerable position, that’s why they deserve a big podium.  They have to stand out even more to rise above the group that has more going for them. This group of women learns in all sorts of ways that they are outside the system. That they are not wanted. They are in the most vulnerable period and position of their lives. This group deserves dignity and access to places where they normally would not be able to go or be invited quickly. Where they don’t get a label that something is wrong with them because they are different. Everyone’s talking about the war on talent; here is a group of women who are very talented and have had to overcome life’s worst obstacles.

We want to show this group of women that they matter just like everyone else.