Right to be wrong

“I’ve got a right to be wrong
My mistakes will make me strong
I’m stepping out into the great unknown
I’m feeling wings though I’ve never flown”

Don’t you just love this Joss Stone song. I have been singing it a lot lately. It’s like I can’t get it out of my mind. So many of us are unforgiven to ourselves when we make mistakes. We tend to hold on too long. Myself included. Daphne Feller once told me that is how our brain is wired. To remember the bad stuff longer than the good stuff.

I guess that means we need to rewire our brain, right? They have a name for that: Neuroplasticity. What if we start looking at our mistakes as something good? Something that will help us grow and move forward to where we want to be.

I once read an article that said you can think yourself into a different person. Seems like something that would be difficult to do right? Someone once said: ‘Your thoughts about your reality create your experience of that reality’. What if we stop listening to our own negative thoughts and start replacing them, so our mistakes are not going to keep you from reaching your goals?

These negative thoughts are what is keeping us from growing. We get stuck and are not going for what we truly want. That is why I like to challenge my own thoughts by asking this question: Is it true? Is it really true what I am thinking???

And what about you? What thoughts do you need to let go of to reach your career goals? Last Thursday during our 2nd edition of the Network Academy afterwork drinks Tanja Jadnanansing told her personal story about how her limiting believes influenced her work life and how she has now changed. Read more about it in the online report of the event at Harper’s Bazaar. ​​​​​​​

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