She’s got that vibe

If you grew up in the nineties you probably will have heard this R Kelly song.

But what does it mean when you’ve got that VIBE so people want to listen to you, follow you and engage with you. Basically that vibe that makes you stand out?

Last week we talked about authenticity. I told you a story about how being authentic means being vulnerable. This to me means : be yourself. It takes courage to do that. But there is more to authenticity than that. For one, having clearly defined goals helps to get people to listen to you. But when you communicate your goal, be consistent! People who send out mixed messages tend to be less authentic. This was the lesson I learned from Belgian pop group K3. But even Richard Branson has been sending out the same consistent message for the last 40 years. He is always happy, smiling and going for adventure. He is the rock ‘n roll entrepreneur!

I love the word ROCK and….you already know my goal right?! My goal is to help you ROCK your personal brand. I keep saying that, that is my consistent brand message. If that makes you relate to me then I am your girl!

Next week we will discuss the 3rd tip that helps you to stay authentic. But before you leave, let me give you some info on our summer program!

Our summer program:
20th July – Harper’s Bazaar Network Academy in collaboration with BrandedU, drinks at De La Mar. Register here! Tickets from non-members are €50 unless you get introduced by a member then tickets costs only €25.
27th August – High Tea @ The College Hotel
30th of September – 7th of October – Renew Yourself Week, registration is open! Join us here!

More info on the 20th of July event:
We will be organising a get together with Harper’s Bazaar Network Academy in collaboration with BrandedU. The event will be at De La Mar theater in Amsterdam from 17.00-20.00. It will be presented in Dutch and will consist of 1 hour presentation and 2 hours of networking. The presentation hour will focus on helping you answer the question : What value am I adding? You will leave inspired and with a bigger network. This is all part of our Network Academy program. If you want to find out more please check here.

Why are we organising these events? Because networking is what will help you improve your visibility and this will help you achieve your career goals!

Hope to see you at one of our events this summer!