I was blown away by Justin Bieber’s performance at the Grammy Awards Monday night. The way he performed, wow he showed his true self (even sang a bit out of tune but still rocked it). He stood there and was just so vulnerable and really took us back to why he started singing. You know just wanting to create something beautiful.


To be honest I have been playing his album Purpose for months! I love his track Sorry and I love the song: Love yourself. 2 years ago it seemed like his career was over and I am so happy he managed to turn it around. His lesson learned is something I always say to women at my seminars:You can change the way people see you. Look at Angelina Jolie, 15 years ago she was Hollywood’s wild child. Or Michelle Obama, the media used to call her the angry black woman. Or even Victoria Beckham, she went from the spice girl who did nothing to the one that gained everything.


So yesssss you can change your brand and you can change the way people perceive you. But there is one thing you have to keep in mind and that is: why do you want to be seen that way? Why are you doing what you do?
In this video  we can see why it is necessary to think about our motivation.


Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration.Check out this video below of one of our speakers, Ine Stultjens (Marketing Manager Nestlé), on the 21st of March.

Will I be seeing you at the first BrandedU seminar on the 21st of March sweet Test? 


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