Sound of Silence

‘Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again’

This song (written by Paul Simon) is about our inability to communicate effectively with one another and about how we easily accept the opinions of the media.

The song reminds me of this saying by the spiritual teacher Ram Dass:
The quieter you become, the more you can hear.’ 

Ram Dass wrote a book called ‘Be Here Now.’ It is a book on spirituality, yoga and meditation. Three things I have incorporated in my personal branding method. Because I truly believe branding comes from the inside out and not from the outside in. You have to feel good about yourself to show the world the best of yourself.

So do what feels good I say.

But how do you find out what feels good?

You have to go back to your inner workings. And yoga and meditation help you to get on the right path. It makes it easier to discover what you really want, instead of being influenced by the outside world. My dear friend Cammy Mai Lombardi has taught me about the 7 chakra’s and especially for Renew Yourself Week she developed a 5-step yoga program based on this. The yoga that Cammy taught us is slow, painfully slow. You cannot stretch your muscles for 5 seconds, she lets you do each stretch for almost a minute. We did this every morning waking up and it is the best way to start the day. We then continued after breakfast with meditation and to me that is just the process of becoming aware. Aware of your environment and your breath. It is not about pushing thoughts away. So when your awareness is heightened, you can truly feel what you want to do.

And knowing what you want to do is step 1 when it comes to defining your personal brand.

What do you want to achieve in your career?

I remember reading about Tina Turner and how meditation helped her.  She used a buddhist mantra for her meditation : ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.’ This means: ‘I honor the Universal Mystical Law of Cause and Effect.’

Tina said “What the practice does—it helps me to not be upset easily… It helps you to think different. If you think different, you think correctly….so it can help you get the things you really want…”

Hope this helps you to find out what you really want. If you need more help register here for my free personal branding masterclass where you can find out how I can help you build your brand.