Sweet child o’mine

How are you doing? Is life treating you ok? I truly hope so!

Last week something special happened in the music world…… Guns N’ Roses performed together for the first time in over 2 decades! I can hear you sigh…:-). But to me this band means more than just their songs. Please allow me to explain.

I was 14 when I bought their album Appetite for Destruction and I was teased a lot for it. At that time my friends and family thought I was crazy. But I couldn’t stop listening to it. We all have stuff people don’t understand and it is really hard to say: so what? I like this, so get used to it! My mother always encouraged my individuality because she wanted me to be happy and she always said: only you can make yourself happy!

But Guns N’ Roses also made me, me. I stood by what I believed to be good music and it made me different. A black girl from the South East of Amsterdam who had the courage to go to Pico records, a store that sold mostly albums by black artists, and ask them if they sold Guns N’ Roses. The fact that they did have it in stock gave me confidence, because I realized there were more of us out there :-).

  • There are always more people that like what you like. Find those kindred spirits!
  • Don’t be afraid and dare to be noticed! You do not have to blend in.
  • You are unique so celebrate your uniqueness. Bring it to life and I know people will in the end appreciate you for it.

In 2004 I was fortunate to work with 2 members of Guns N’ Roses: Slash and Duff Mckagan. I can honestly say they were the nicest artists I have ever worked with. They were kind, genuine and really honest about their Rock & Roll past. I used to love listening to their wild tales of the past. For me working with them meant dreams can come true. I will always treasure that experience.

So I leave you with this message: Dare to be different and create your own path!



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