“I want to thank you for
giving me the best day of my life”

Thank you

Dido Thank you

Remember Dido? When she first came to Amsterdam she wanted to drink soy milk, which was nowhere to be found hahaha. OMG it took us ages to find it for her. And that was the first time I had even heard of soy milk back in 2000 lol.

Anyway… She rose to fame when Eminem sampled the song “Thank You” for his hit song “Stan”. She even appeared in the video as Stan’s pregnant girlfriend. This is why I love hip-hop. No other music genre has this many and divers collaborations. Hip-hop, like most musical art forms, thrives on synergy. 

I love collaborations, it can bring out the best in people and you get to bring your A-game to the table because you are pushed out of your comfort zone. When artists come together, it indicates some form of unity and I love that about hip-hop. I mean most of the time rappers clash with each other, but when they come together it can become a hit. Especially when they collaborate with other genres like pop, latin or rock. 

What do these collaborations do, I mean what is their impact?
1. They create an opportunity for artists to share skills and develop artistic practice;
2. It is a way to introduce artists to a new target audience;
3. It can provide a cultural exchange;
4. It will broaden their network, one collaboration can lead to another.

So, who have you collaborated with lately?
Somebody that does something completely different can help you or you can help them. That is why I love my collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar. Our Network Academy brings out the best in us, because we do what we are good at.

Next Tuesday I will be featured in the new Harper’s Bazaar and in it I talk about why women need to work together more and help each other. It is only through real collaboration that we can move forward. No one goes to the top without help, and if you do it can be pretty lonely there. Just ask any successful artist. You need your tribe. So start building it.
One way to do this is by joining an existing network, like our Network Academy. Or if you want to look for a more specific group, join a network that specializes in your field. Whatever you do, just start somewhere because I can promise you it will be worth it!

Just remember one thing that I learned from artists and the way they worked together: As long as artists stay true to themselves and their music, collaborations will thrive. This works the same way for you!

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