Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

The title is an intentional sensational spelling for “thank you for letting me be myself again”. It’s from an old Sly & the Family Stone track. Janet Jackson sampled some of it on her Rhythm Nation Song. What I love about this band from the 60-ies and 70-ies is that they were very innovative. The band consisted of black, white, male and female band members. This in an era where segregation had just ended in America and feminism was only starting.

I was thinking about the meaning of this song when I spoke to a business woman this week about the fact that she was miserable at her job.

These lyrics came to mind:

Many men are missin’ much
Hatin’ what they do”

This woman I spoke to had a very demanding upbringing. Her parents decided what she went on to study and she felt that she had never really made any decisions in her life. It made her very unhappy. The outside world saw a women with a great career, children and a husband. But that was not satisfying her. She felt she couldn’t talk to anyone about this. This made me realize how lucky I am with my sisterhood of wonderful women.

I really believe in sisterhood. Especially for those of you who work in a male dominated workplace, because:

1. Women need other women.
There was a study that said women with a strong, supportive circle of friends had much greater chances of survival than women who where socially isolated.

2. We need a deeper emotional connection.
Our brains work differently than those of men and we need that deep emotional connection. We need to be heard and understood.

3. It is really inspiring and empowering.
I know my sisters have my back, which allows me to believe in myself more and inspires me to follow my own path.

So many women are not themselves and going to work with masks on. With your sisters you can take that mask off and just be. And then hopefully in the future you will allow yourself to be yourself in any situation.

Think about it!

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