This is the pain point!

This picture was taken last Thursday at our first Board of Believers in Female Leadership event in 2021. BoB as I call it, is a group of people I bring together to actively contribute to making companies more diverse and inclusive. Because we know that women are underrepresented in leadership across the board in this country.

And this is the pain point: Companies are struggling to find the women who have the confidence to be leaders.
BrandedU is the institute that teaches women to have the confidence to see themselves as leaders.

In 2 days time we’re giving you a little bit of a taste of what will be happening at AmplifyHER, the Women’s Visibility Conference, by organizing the FREE masterclass Amplify Your Finances together with Judith Sanders of ABN AMRO.
You will learn why women need more money.
Why women in fact are great investors but most women don’t believe it.
And you’ll get a step by step guide on how you should start investing your money TODAY.

It’s my mission to get more equality at the top and I really believe that we need to help women to accelerate their careers. You’re already good and smart enough, I know that! I mean… why do we have more female graduates than male here in The Netherlands? The problem isn’t the quality of your work or the experience you’ve got, it’s about who sees and hears about it. It’s about the person who gives out promotions knowing the value you bring.

Visibility matters. Invisibility costs women their career advancement. Speaking up about your achievements at work is a selfless act – and is the key to closing the gender gap.
So I’m going to keep on giving you tools to accelerate your career.

See you on Tuesday!