This is what you came for!

You’ve been reading my newsletter for a while now and as Rihanna sang “baby, this is what you came for.” You are reading this newsletter, because you are looking for new ways to build your personal brand and become more visible in your field of business.

So on Tuesday October 25th I will be launching the BrandedU e-course Face to Face edition, a 4 weekly workshop personally guided by me. I’m really proud of this e-course. It’s my own method based on what I learned over the past 20 years in artist branding.

But ofcourse I’ve had help. I have to thank Anneloes van Gaalen of Indie Brands. This e-course was initially created, after she pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me new ideas. I also have to thank Angela Barendrecht, a former BrandedU seminar participant. She e-mailed me a few days before I launched my e-course. At that point, I was so scared that I didn’t want to carry on. A lot of thoughts went through my mind. What if it wasn’t good enough? But Angela told me  what the BrandedU seminars had meant to her and how they pushed her to build the career she always wanted. And at that moment I knew: I have to carry on. Eventually, Angela was the first one to follow the e-course. Read about her experiences here: BrandedU Sisterhood (scroll down to January 29th).

And Ladies, I hope that you also will continue. Continue developing yourselves and achieving your goals. Believe me, this e-course was made for that. Going on when you actually think you can’t. And wait, there is more this time! You’re now able to follow the e-course with a group of sisters. How cool is that?! Every week, you’ll discuss one module with your sisters. You will also be able ask each other for advice in the Facebook group that I will be making especially for you. We will support each other and raise each other up.

Take a look at what to expect:

  •      Learn how you are seen by others, get rid of limiting beliefs and decide how you want to be    seen;
  •      Find out what makes you unique, write your personal brand statement and tell your own story;
  •      Get the tools you need to distinguish yourself and build your own brand;
  •      Learn how to network, how to present yourself and how to make yourself more visible online.



Then, you’ll immediately go on stage – just like the other participants, but only more focused and more confident. Who knows who’ll help you to achieve your goals! We finish November 21st, less than 1,5 month before 2017. I’ll make sure that you can start 2017 with all the tools you need to go for it 100%!

So tell me girl, are you in?

If you have any questions, please call or send me an e-mail! I hope to see you in October.

Let’s do this!