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Glennis Grace


Did you see Glennis Grace’s version of this beautiful Kate Bush song? It’s is truly amazing.

I have been following her US journey and I have to say her story (which I have only recently dived into) is quite amazing.

It is a story of focus, passion, resilience and really hard work. That is why I find it so inspiring. Her journey and process is something we can all learn a lot from. Lemme tell you why. She was only 11 when she joined Julio Iglesias at his show in the Ahoy back in 1989. But her breakthrough didn’t happen until 2011. Her journey to become a household name took 22 years!

And that is also the amount of time she took to work on her craft. To improve her skills and develop her talent even further. You can’t reach the top of your field without real focus, passion and determination to reach your goals. She has always known she wanted to be a singer.

That is why my first question to women when we start our personal branding course always is: Why are you here?

Meaning, what do you want to accomplish with this course? It is hard to reach your goals but even harder if you don’t know why you truly want to achieve them.
For instance you want a promotion, but why? Is it for recognition or because you want to buy a house and therefor need a pay rise? Whatever the reason is you need to have that figured out before you start your journey.

Every day my journey to help more women to the top of their field of business is more and more backed up by facts.
Last month an article came out on how badly we are doing it here in The Netherlands with regards to equality and diversity at the top. You can read more about it here

My philosophy has always been simple and let me explain. I think personal branding is answering the question: what do you want to be known for? But in recent months I have been adding this sentence: and it is also about inspiring the women who will follow. 

So in fact it is bigger than you. By showing us the first female astronaut we are already creating images around the world for girls and women to see that they can also become astronauts. Because you can’t be what you can’t see. Our unconscious mind picks up on images and they affect our lives.
Or like I read in a Guardian Article “Our aspirations too tend to reflect the current norm and, with relatively few women in key roles, women’s unconscious beliefs about career advancement could be holding them back from reaching the top.”

That is why I am happy about Glennis Grace reaching the finals of America’s Got Talent. Who knows who she might inspire to also follow their dreams and reach their goals. With hard work, focus, passion and resilience I am convinced you can get there. 

I will be explaining more about my personal branding method and philosophy on the 23rd of september at The College Hotel in Amsterdam. Join me for an early Sunday morning sessions if you are serious about your career, want to build your personal brand and need to get informed about the BrandedU method. 

Hope to see you there,


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