True Colors



So London was great! I had so many fab responses from you regarding my trip. That city is so close to my heart; it is where I started my journey to becoming my true self.


Back in the eighties Cindy Lauper sang:


“But I see your true colours shining through.
I see your true colours and that´s why I love you,
so don´t be afraid to let them show,
your true colours, true colours are beautiful, like a rainbow.”


I get asked a lot about how I can stay myself and not get nervous when I am on a stage. How can I keep my personality authentic when I am presenting, is what women ask me. So many women have difficulty with this. They tend to keep on the mask of who they think they ought to be. Not realizing the only thing that makes them relevant and unique is showing themselves. Their true selves. We all have a profile, or a reputation. The way you behave with your colleagues and friends is your profile. And is this what you feel you are?



I came across this quote today, and it got me thinking…, “Sometimes it’s not the people who change; it’s the mask that falls off”. It reminded me of myself. The more I show my real self the more I feel at ease and the more I like my life. Of course I focus on the things I like about myself because then I tend to get more energy. I am constantly doing my best to be less tough and difficult to myself because then I am also less tough and difficult to those surrounding me. Because what you focus on, expands.


Being on stage and talking about Personal Branding is now less freighting to me then it was 2 years ago. 2 years ago when I started BrandedU I was nervous and didn’t dare to present the seminars myself. I had to really work on my presentation skills and how I wanted to be seen. And my hard work has paid off. I am able to stand in front of 5 people or 50 or even more. Sure I still get nervous but I know I can only be myself. There is no right or wrong with showing my true colours. Some people will like me and some won’t, that is a fact I can’t change. But how I prepare myself, my own positive intentions shown through my body language and my ability to stay close to who I really am has REALLY helped me. My journey of becoming a public speaker only started in November 2014. And l look at me now girlll!







So, I want to help more women who have ambitions and stories to tell like myself to become more visible. I want them to be proud when they share their stories. I want them to show themselves and share their true colours when they are on stage or at a pitch meeting. I want women to be comfortable in their own skin when sharing their experiences and stories. I want women to realize you can teach somebody to be more confident! Recently I was asked why am I so confident? I said: because I know my shit. I prepare my shit and I rehearse my shit. It’s like an artist. You can’t expect them to give you a great guitar solo unless they know their shit right? I feel the same. This can all be taught BELIEVE ME! Just keep working at it. And that is what Astrid Rose, Buffi Duberman and I will be teaching next Saturday the 13th of February at our Presenting Comfortably masterclass. Join us if you want to become better as well.


Then I leave you with this great news! The speakers of the next BrandedU Personal Branding seminar at Hotel Droog are now officially announced!



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Please click here for more info on the program of the day and where to get your tickets

In fact if you buy a seminar ticket you will now also be able to follow the online course for HALF the price. I got this idea from one of the speakers, thank you Stella van der Sluis for keeping me on my toes!


See you soon sweet,