I know, I know and am so sorry but I can’t help it! I grew up in the eighties, so most song references will be from that decade. But hey, I have a great blog for you today. It is visual and we all know videos are immensely popular on the internet nowadays. I mean YouTube is surpassing Google as a search engine in some countries. So I have compiled 5 of BrandedU’s top interviews by women who I consider to be great role models.

What can we learn from them?

1. Katja Kok Keizer РCEO of Van Lanschot Kempen Switzerland 

In this video she talks about always following training programs (always keep on learning) and how this has worked to her advantage in her career. I love that she also discusses how she got rid of her insecurities. Self-confidence is the most powerful tool if you want to have a successful career and personal branding helps you increase your self-confidence.

2. Yvonne Nassar –¬†Head of Customer Strategy & Marketing RAI Amsterdam

I love this quote of hers: “Before I travelled a lot, I felt that the way I lived in my country was the way everybody lived.” And this: “Because of my experience with traveling I can adjust more easily”. I agree, it’s like Maya Angelou once said: “All God’s children need traveling shoes.” Check out Yvonne’s story¬†here.

3. Dr Yvonne Thompson –¬†Founder/President: WinTrade Week/Economy Honours Committee/Women’s Equality Party

“The only way for me to move up was to move out”. Yvonne co-founded Choice FM and then later sold it becoming the first black female millionaire in the UK. In¬†this¬†video she discusses dealing with sexism and racism.¬†

4. Astrid Rose –¬†Head of Marketing and Communications at Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Astrid knows everything about how you can change your personal brand. “I changed my brand by first being really clear to myself about my personal story.”¬†Her¬†story¬†is full of great lessons learned.

5. Willa Stoutenbeek ‚ÄĒ¬†Founder & Director at W.Green

“If you are bold enough to show your true self I think you will always get where you want to go.” What can I say, Willa¬†ROCKS!¬†

Hope you’ll feel inspired by watching these! I love that women continue to make strides in the business world. But there’s more ground to be gained. That is why I am constantly looking for ways how women can develop habits and behaviors that lift their careers.¬†

If you see great articles, videos or have read books that can help us grow into more leadership roles. Please do not hesitate to share them with me!



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