We’ve only just begun

Have you ever heard of The Carpenters? It was the band of brother and sister, Richard and Karen Carpenter. They were big in the seventies and had hits such as “(They long to be) Close to you”, “Yesterday once more”, “Top of the world” and “We’ve only just begun”. Back in the nineties there was a tv movie made about the life of Karen Carpenter. She died very young when she was 33 of Anorexia Nervosa. Back then it was an unknown illness. Karen’s death made it world wide news.

You define you
When I look back at the way her life ended I feel an immense sadness. Why did Karen want to be so thin that her heart couldn’t handle it. She was so busy with what other people thought of her, busy keeping masks on whilst she was unhappily married. It must have been so hard on her.

With BrandedU I always talk about what we can learn from artists and their personal branding. The biggest lesson I learned from Karen was to be happy with yourself not to let other people define you. Just be you. You are good enough. Tell your story and your story matters. Even through her death she mattered. A lot. Her songs still live and I don’t know how many lives she has saved by her family going public with the matters surrounding the disease.

So we’ve only just begun. This year is the 4th year of BrandedU and every day I am learning, growing and able to help more women ROCK their personal brand. And it feels so good. Finding your authentic voice and letting it be heard is the best gift you can give yourself. And all we are doing is helping you in that process.

It’s time to shine your authentic self, come to our free info day 
1 more week until our FREE info day and the first face to face meetings are full! Just a few places left during the evening session. See the schedule here below!

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20.00 – 21.00: 10 minute personal sessions with Nancy Poleon per person

I will tell you which steps you have to take in order to shine and show people in an authentic way why they need you. See you next week!