What a girl wants

What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever makes me happy sets you free
And I’m thanking you for knowing exactly
What a girl wants
What a girl needs 

How do you make yourself the woman you want to be?

Setting goals is an obvious first step if you are looking to improve your personal brand. So….What is your career objective? Where do you see yourself in the future? These are difficult questions you need to get comfortable with.

Think about it.

Let’s look at Christina Aguilera. 

– Remember this song “What a girl wants“? Her second single (after “Genie in the bottle”), it immediately became a hit. She had a squeaky clean image back then, she was only 19. Then came “Dirrty”, OMG I will never forget the first time I saw that video. Say what you want, but I know that Ms. Aguilera had answered those difficult questions for herself. She wrote “Dirrty” because she said the song represented her authentic persona and not what people thought who she was because of her image. This song and the video that came with it eliminated her image as a bubblegum pop singer. She had an alter ego called XTINA back then ;-).
LESSON LEARNED Be who you want to be even if it means surprising people with the real you

– Then she released “Beautiful” which was a song about inner beauty and self-esteem issues. This song has since then become her signature song.
LESSON LEARNED Do something people will remember you by

– She always wanted her voice to do the talking, I mean, who can forget her singing on “Lady Marmalade”? The girl can really sing!

But guess what?! Christina always knew she wanted to be a singer. She was in The Mickey Mouse Club with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (this was a Disney tv show back in the nineties in The States). Her vocal range has been compared to that of Mariah Carey AND Whitney Houston. And yes, she has been accused of oversinging and doing too much “vocal gymnastics”. But it doesn’t seems to faze her. She still continues to sing the way she wants to sing.
LESSON LEARNED Become an expert on something by focusing on what you are good at

Say what you want about Christina Aguilera but from the moment she decided to show her true self she has never looked back. And in the end it did not hurt her career.

So sweet Nancy, have you decided what kind of business woman you WANT to be?