Where my ladies at?

I love the beginning of a new year because it represents a fresh start. We’ve all been thinking about our lessons learned from 2020 and how we plan on moving forward. This is when we’re asking ourselves what new skills we want to learn and what we want to achieve.

My mission is the same as last year: supporting the visibility of career women. Because let’s be honest the world could use more feminine energy. Especially when it comes to leadership in business.

I know the reasons why most women stay invisible:
” I am too busy at work I don’t have time to be visible”
” I am uncomfortable when I stand out from the crowd”
” I am afraid they will say: who does she think she is? ”
“ Introducing myself to people is scary as hell”

Why do you need to be visible?
If you do not promote your work, the only thing people will ever know about you, outside your own small group, are the things that get known because they are problems. What matters is how good people think your work is.

So don’t be afraid to make yourself visible! Because we’re here to help you accelerate your career so you can achieve goals. That’s what sisters are for!

Last August we started The Visibility Project and this year we’ve been working on our very first Women’s Visibility Week. Because we still need to empower more women with the right capabilities to thrive in their careers with confidence and authentically.

Women’s Visibility Week will be from 1-5th of March and includes a series of online workshops and inspirational talks to recognize and spotlight women in various business fields.

Here’s the idea:
For 5 days, leading up to March 8th (International Women’s Day), we will be holding morning panels and inspirational sessions (08.00-09.00) with a diverse group of women and our most significant male allies, and in the evening host an array of interactive visibility workshops (19.00-20.00).

Here’s the timeline:
Monday, March 1st, Women in Finance
Tuesday, March 2nd, Women in Tech
Wednesday, March 3rd, Women in Hospitality
Thursday, March 4th, Women in Media
Friday, March 5th, Women in Leadership

I want you to get great development opportunities and hear stories of leading women (role models) from their fields of business.

Because here’s the deal:
I want you to be visible with those decision makers who’ll give you your next promotion.

You can be part of a movement that ensures that History will also include Herstory. Yeah, I like the sound of that. My xmas gift this year was the book Invisible Women because we aren’t even aware of what societal things are keeping us from being more visible. That’s something I want to fix.

So, join us from 1-5th of March and spread the word so that more women can become visible and accelerate their careers!