Work Work Work!



It is really annoying but I can’t get that Rihanna song ‘Work’ out of my head. All week it’s been going on repeat on my iphone. Maybe I should stop listening to it but right now dancing to that song is my only form of exercise hahaha!


So 2 weeks ago my beautiful friends Karlijn Visser and Evelyne van Hasselt launched their online magazine: Holistik.

It is a guide to a greater you. I loved that. They asked me to write a weekly column on personal branding which to me is definitely a guide to a greater you! I mean we work one third of our lives so let’s make it worth our while.


So what can we learn from Holistik?


Having an Image vs Personal Branding

What appealed to me the most about this online magazine is that is not intimidating or patronizing. It is about giving you the tools to get where you wanna go. And it all starts from the inside. Which to me is the essence of Personal Branding. I always say Personal Branding is based on your values and starts from who you are on the inside and having an Image is based on what you think others expect from you.


Being visible

The women behind Holistik are shown prominently on their site. Which is exactly what personal branding is about. You need to be visible so people can connect with you. To be honest it took me a while to do this myself with BrandedU. Why? Because it is so scary! You know, you are so vulnerable being out there in the open but hey what I learned is I can deal with it. I can handle the criticism (doesn’t mean I don’t cry about it, hey am still a human!) but I know if I do things from the heart and with the right intentions I will get over those few people that don’t agree with me.


Stepping out of your comfort zone

Both Karlijn and Evelyn where part of Friends of the Brands (They started it in 2009 and back then it was called Goodie Bag girl), which is a successful concept. It takes a lot of guts to then say: I want something different and walk away from what you already know. The last 6 months have been challenging for them, I know this. They entered a completely new world but all I can say is they have grown. I had lunch with them on Tuesday and I am so proud of how they have handled every difficult situation thrown at them. Because those will always exist and all you can do is just move forward and things will start moving in the right direction.


So here it is my first column on Personal Branding for Holistik. But I can’t end it here without sharing knowledge from another wise woman. This time it is Stella Van der Sluis an international Hospitality Expert. Click here to hear her story. Stella will be one of the speakers at our personal branding seminar om 21st of March. Will you be there?