About our events

BrandedU started out as series of 4 personal branding seminars. And now we organize many more events. Our events are different because they provide you with a sisterhood, openness, and a safe space where women can be themselves. Or as one of our participants described it: “At the end of the day I went home and I felt as if I had been drinking three Red Bulls. Such an energy!”

Our events in 2018:

E-course face to face edition

With this unique online course personal branding, you will discover who you are, where you want to go and how to use your talents in the best possible way. It consists of 4 modules that include 10 lessons, it is filled with video lessons, exercises and inspiring assignments. The Face-to-Face edition works the same way as an intervision. So do you find it difficult to follow an e-course all on your own? Would you like to receive immediate feedback of like-minded women with the same ambitions? No problem, that’s what this e-course is for! Every season you have the possibility to follow this e-course with a group of 10 women, guided by personal branding coach Nancy Poleon. In 2018 we start january 30th (sold out), april 10th and october 16th.

Renew Yourself Week

“There is nothing more fun than living a life of continuous development. Standing still is not knowing how or with what you can take the next step. And that is scary. It makes you afraid and fear is a bad advisor. That is what this week is all about. How can you find that personal development and excitement again?

5 years ago, I started as an entrepreneur. I didn’t exactly know what I was going to do, but I knew that I was capable to teach others about my career experiences. BrandedU is a result of this. But what now? How should I continue, how will I be able to restart my career and turn into a butterfly again? How can I be more focused when taking my next steps? What are my next career goals? What I want to achieve with Renew Yourself Week is to challenge myself and other women to take new steps. I want to go forward. Because every time I renew myself and develop myself, I feel alive, full of energy, as if I can take on any challenge that comes my way. This is because I can look at my life from a different perspective, because I feel rich and inspired and therefore know that I can achieve my goals.

Does this sound recognizable to you? Do you also want to become the person you are meant to be? You can already sign up on this page. The upcoming weeks I will share more information about the complete program. We will ROCK again in Andalusia!”

– Nancy Poleon, Founder BrandedU

High Tea

There will be another BrandedU High Tea on the 24h of June 2018 only this one will be completely in Dutch. The high tea’s we organise are usually conducted in Dutch. We will update this place as soon as an English speaking high tea is organised. Please follow us on instagram and facebook for more info.