Do you feel like this pandemic is slowing you down?

How have you been? These times have been challenging, I know.
For us living here in the First world this pandemic has shifted the ways we deal with things. Because of that we are shaping a whole new world and I feel that more women like you, need to be part of that process. And for this to happen you need to bring your best self to work.

You know that for the past decade all my focus has been on answering this question: how can I help more women become leaders in their field?

And throughout the years we’ve developed several programs to get more women empowered. When the Covid-19 crises started I was in the proces of developing a new online course which would not only get women to go harder in the workplace, help them present themselves better, move up the career ladder faster but also become mentally stronger.

I don’t want you to slow down, I want you to accelerate your career and become more successful because the world needs what you and women like you bring. And that’s why I designed this new e-course: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

You know I don’t kid around so I made this video to explain it all! Check it out!

And just in case you missed it, we have been sharing these great role model videos here on LinkedIn. So far we have had these inspiring women share their lessons learned in less than 1.5 minutes:

  • Danja Lekkerkerk – Directeur Marketing & E-commerce D-reizen / VakantieXperts
  • Mei Lin An – Digital Strategy & Interactive Leader, Benelux at IBM
  • Liesbeth Rigter – Former CEO of Moneyou
  • Kaären Davoli – Vice President Global Marketing at TomTom
  • Daniela Weitmann – Managing Director Converse at Nike

Take care of yourself,