Men as Advocates for Women’s Visibility Summit whitepaper

A white paper based on the Men as Advocates for Women’s Visibility Summit hosted by BrandedU.

Download the white paper  here.

So what is it about?

Countless studies underscore the advantages of having gender balance in management teams and boards.

Yet, the question remains: why are still so few women at the top?

Currently, men still make up most leadership positions. While this is often viewed as a driver of inequality, we believe it presents an unparalleled opportunity for men to take a proactive role in advancing gender representation within their organizations.


BrandedU strives to increase women’s visibility in business and get more equal representation in executive leadership and pipelines. That’s why three years ago, BrandedU launched ‘Men as Advocates’: an annual event to invite men to the conversation on gender equity. The initiative was inspired by co- host Maarten van Rossum’s former experiences as a diplomat in Afghanistan, where he learned firsthand from male and female locals about the urgent action needed from men for Afghan women’s rights to be recognized.


Download the white paper here.