Newsletter: You Are Not Alone

Were you a big Michael Jackson fan? I still dance to his music. Mostly his early songs before Bad. I am a big Jackson 5 fan actually. Writing this, I specifically think about the song “You are not alone“, it is because multiple times I have heard this year: “I am glad I am not alone. There are so many people dealing with the same issues.”

You are not alone
You can ask for help
But most women won’t ask for help
And that is why the problem cannot be solved.

I love how Katja Kok-Keizer talks about this issue in her BrandedU video. Her advice is: “Dare to take chances and ask for help.” Listen to her story in the below video.

I was really honored to have been invited to the Masterclass Identity Leadership on 2 December, hosted by ABN AMRO in Amsterdam. One of their key note speakers was: Stedman Graham!! Yes ladies I was one step away from the Big O hahahahahhaha. Stedman has been Oprah’s life partner for almost 30 years. What I learned from him is that you need to take control of your own personal development. And then he used my favorite sentence: “What you focus on expands.”​

Stedman Graham

Giving back, is what Oprah always does. I believe she cleared the way for people to look at a different way to their wealth. So when Facebook’s CEO announced to be giving away most of his fortune to charity. Call me a romantic but I really was happy to hear that. I hope more incredibly wealthy people will follow, I mean who needs 45 billion dollars for themselves anyway?

I will soon be announcing a great tool for you to start your own personal development in 2016 and to start building your brand pro-actively. Because remember Personal Branding is simply the answer to this question: What do YOU want to be known for?