Hey there,
Do you believe in visualizing your goals?
Like Bruno Mars sang:

“Oh every time I close my eyes, I see my name in shiny lights.
Ahh, yeah yeah. A different city every night.
Oh I – I swear, the world better prepare…For when I’m a billionaire.”

Bruno Mars came up with the lyrical concept for “Billionaire” during a trip to London in which he was given only £240 by his record label to spend for 11 days. To me, the fact that he started writing the lyrics when he was in a bad situation is inspiring. Instead of looking at his current situation he started looking at where he wanted to be.

So having goals and visualizing where you want to go in life is how most artists start their careers. I tell career women to do the same. My definition of personal branding is answering this one question: What do you want to be known for? Because life doesn’t happen to you. You can create it step by step by having something to move forward to. And the key is to enjoy every step you take. I have actively been working towards my goals over the last 3 years and I have to say it has not been easy. There is no straight line going up. Like everything in life, it comes with ups and downs. But I am truly happy that they are MY goals. Nobody else has defined them.

Here are my 5 benefits when it comes to visualization:
• There is no limit: You can be and do anything. When you visualize, you have the power to
visualize whatever you want without limitations.
• It helps you focus: When you quiet your mind to visualize, you are actually improving your ability to
focus. That is how the brain works.
• It gives you new ideas
• Actually achieving your goals: If you have greater focus, it becomes easier for you to achieve your
• Mood booster: Any time I finish visualizing, I feel positive and confident… you know… like I can do

But that is not where this ends. You know you have to take steps towards your goals yourself. This year my goal was to take smarter steps. My motto is work smarter not harder. My personal brand is of a hard working woman. I want that to change to a smart business woman. That is why together with Harper’s Bazaar I started the Harper’s Bazaar Network Academy in cooperation with BrandedU. The Network Academy is all about bringing ambitious women together to learn and grow with each other. We launched it last Sunday at the High tea and 80% of the women who were there have already become a member. Check out some pics of the high tea here. Find out more and how you can also become a member here.

Am visualizing becoming a smart business woman already!


PS, there are just a couple of places left on the E-course face to face edition on the 23rd of May. If you seriously want to start working on your personal brand start here.