You have nothing to fear but fear itself!

I love sharing lessons learned! Especially from the fabulous women in my network. Last week I had a really great talk with Wies Bratby, founder of Women in Negotiations, about salary negotiations. You can catch the replay on our Insta feed and just to give you an idea of what we discussed here are my 5 biggest take aways:

1. Ask for your raise and then shut your mouth (talking less is more).
2. If you want something from them, they also want something from you when you negotiate. Remember that.
3. No is not the end.
4. When you negotiate you get more respect.
5. You don’t only negotiate for yourself but for others too. Especially the women coming after you.

So this afternoon I will be talking to another inspiring woman:Omena Ukeleghe.
Omena moved here from London about 3 years ago and currently works for Deloitte as the North and South Diversity and Inclusion Lead. But she also started an initiative called Creative Jam Session after being dissatisfied with the lack of PoC (People of Colour) events in Amsterdam.

We’re going to be talking about self doubt, insecurities and fearless ambition. Omena will be sharing her lessons learned on overcoming fear.

We will be going LIVE on BrandedU’s Instagram today Wednesday the 2nd of June at 16.30! 

“I’ve learned through tough experiences that you should never let anyone stop you from speaking up and being authentically you!
Now I speak my mind and be damned! My intentions and what I am doing is to support those who are alone and don’t know how to speak up!.” 

– Omena Ukeleghe

Let’s lift women up whilst we are climbing ourselves!

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Let’s talk women and money!

You know me, I am all about sharing lessons learned so guess what?! Let’s talk money because I don’t know about you but one of the skills that I can definitely improve are my negotiation skills. So I am super excited to be interviewing Wies Bratby, founder of Women in Negotiation, about how we can become super negotiators. You can check out her TED talk here.

We will be going LIVE on BrandedU’s Instagram tomorrow Wednesday the 26th of May at 16.30! 

“When women enter negotiations they expect to be paid less for the same work than men and this leads to women getting less results in those negotiations and thus they get paid less. This is partly why the gender pay gap exists.” 

– Wies Bratby, Founder Women in Negotiation

Let’s lift women up whilst we are climbing ourselves!

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This is a vital career strategy

We had an inspiring “Men as advocates” event on Monday. What I know is that there are plenty of men out there who want to change the status quo but it all comes down to having the power to change things and if we (men and women) are willing to have the difficult conversations. We need to find new and innovative ways to deal with the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles.

One thing is certain: Sis, the experience you have isn’t different from men, your capabilities aren’t different nor is it about your knowledge. It’s about your VISIBILITY and your PERSONAL BRANDING.

But don’t just go for visibility without answering some of the most critical questions. Otherwise you might be visible for what you don’t want to be known for. You don’t really need to make every single aspect of yourself visible. First you’ll need to think about where you stand right now and where you really want to go in your career. This process is about growth and taking the time to figure out who you are. You will know when the time has come to move further in your career and be more successful.

In the end BrandedU’s greatest achievement is helping women become more self-aware and get more self-confident so they can become more successful in their careers. Ideally make it to the top of their fields. Ideally to lead to empower others. And why? Because we need the perspectives of women and study after study show that women are good for business.

So, are you ready to take action and find out what you’re really made of? Are you ready to uncover the treasures within you, because sis they are there! It’s up to you to have the self-confidence to show them what you’ve got. And we’ve got you.

How great would it be if we could live in a gender gap-free workplace, where there is equal women’s representation in executive leadership and pipeline?

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