Let’s talk women and money!

You know me, I am all about sharing lessons learned so guess what?! Let’s talk money because I don’t know about you but one of the skills that I can definitely improve are my negotiation skills. So I am super excited to be interviewing Wies Bratby, founder of Women in Negotiation, about how we can become super negotiators. You can check out herĀ TEDĀ talkĀ here.

We will be going LIVE on BrandedU’sĀ Instagram tomorrowĀ Wednesday the 26th of MayĀ at 16.30!Ā 

“When women enterĀ negotiationsĀ they expect to be paid less for the same workĀ than menĀ and this leads to women getting less results in thoseĀ negotiationsĀ and thus they get paid less. This is partly why the gender pay gap exists.”Ā 

– Wies Bratby, Founder Women in Negotiation

Letā€™s lift women up whilst we are climbing ourselves!

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