This is a 2 minute read  So this has been my most uncomfortable year and it was full of teachable moments. So many moments that it took me a while to gather my thoughts so I could actually put them on paper for you. Like I said last week, I will be sharing my biggest lessons learned with […]


Dear ladies, It’s been a while but guess what?! I am back!Yes girl your weekly side kick has returned. So what are we talking about this week? As you know I love to share lessons learned and today we have lessons learned from 5 top Dutch female leaders. Because in honor of Equal Pay Day, […]

What everyone can learn from women leaders

In honor of Equal Pay Day, Great Place to Work in collaboration with BrandedU released a white paper called ‘What everyone can learn from women leaders’. Download the white paper here in Dutch and here in English. So what is it about? It discusses the 5 level of leadership and talks about the different kinds of […]


This is a 5 minute read  I have met many successful women from all kinds of industries. All of these women are unique, yet have some qualities that are similar, and I am going to share these with you. Why? Because I noticed that most women who don’t have their dream job yet, do possess the […]


5 minute read!  I am tired AF! And I am mad. And if you feel the same then this message is for you! Even if you are too tired to read further. You know it’s been a while since we spoke, and here I am back to give you my biggest grievance.   I’m tired of hearing from women that […]

Let’s talk about sex

Salt N Pepa once sang:  “Yo, I don’t think we should talk about this (Come on, why not?)People might misunderstand what we’re tryin’ to say, you know?(No, but that’s a part of life)Come on Let’s talk about sex, babyLet’s talk about you and meLet’s talk about all the good thingsAnd the bad things that may […]

I learned from the best

Whitney Houston once sang : Whitney Houston once sang : “I learned from the best I learned from you”, It was a love song but hey today I am using it as a message to all the fabulous role models out there.  We had a really fantastic International Women’s Day summit yesterday, you missed a great event. But hey I got you, below you will […]


It is 20 years ago since I had one of my proudest moments in my career. I had just started working at BMG a year earlier and was about to work on TLC’s album ‘Fanmail’. I was a big TLC fan and grew up listening to their songs so I was really incredibly fortunate to be able […]

Poker face

“Can’t read myCan’t read myNo he can’t read my poker face(She is gonna let nobody)P p p poker face, p p p poker face(Muh muh muh muh)” Yep it’s time to talk about Lady Gaga. . . . Did you see her film A STAR IS BORN yet? So what can we say about Lady Gaga and […]