The Event You Don’t Want to Miss!

  We’re passionate about making more women visible, which is why we’re hosting yet another FREE virtual event. And this time we’re getting men involved ;-)! The main question we will be discussing during this event is: How can male advocates accelerate your career? We’ve got a great line up of speakers who will be […]

This is the kick in the butt you’ve been waiting for!

How would you like to be encouraged by like-minded women for one week and come out with a huge boost in your confidence, plus build a network for a lifetime? Sounds pretty awesome, right? Motivating yourself to work on your self-development can be tough and that is exactly why I will guide you through the Harder, […]

Women’s Visibility Week

Women’s visibility week

Just a simple thank you should be enough.

Just a simple thank you is already enough right? Naaaahhhh girl, you deserve much more than that! I recently read an article that stated: “For major accomplishments, employees had higher expectations for recognition”  New growth opportunity (like a promotion): 47% Salary increase: 23% High-performance rating: 21% Bonus: 10% Interestingly, a new growth opportunity was by […]

Claim your seat at the table!

If they don’t give you a seat at the table bring a folding chair! Shirley Chisholm, who said these words, was the first African-American woman elected to congress in 1968 and she sought the Democratic nomination for president. And now Kamala Harris is fulfilling part of her dream. History was made yesterday and WOW am I […]

Where my ladies at?

I love the beginning of a new year because it represents a fresh start. We’ve all been thinking about our lessons learned from 2020 and how we plan on moving forward. This is when we’re asking ourselves what new skills we want to learn and what we want to achieve. My mission is the same […]

How to roll through the crisis like a leader

Great Place To Work and BrandedU present a white paper on leadership during times of crisis. The paper features interviews with leaders of various organizations and includes tips to improve your leadership style making it a valuable source of information and inspiration for all those in leadership positions. It’s not easy being a leader now […]

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