Newsletter : If you start me up I’ll never stop

If you start me up I’ll never stop
I’ve been running hot
You got me ticking gonna blow my top

Let me fill you in on a little secret. My first job in music was working at Promotone. Promotone handles all of the financial management for the Rolling Stones. All I did for 6 months was type in the amounts on the royalty checks for songs like Satisfaction, Brown Sugar or Paint it black. Not a lot of fun but I learned a lot about the financial side of music. So this was a great process to get to understand.

Process management is not always great, but I have to admit through the years I have started enjoying it. It is not always the end result but rather the ride (or the process) that makes it fun. Our ride into making BrandedU into THE personal branding program is sometimes very ‘interesting’ hahaha. I can honestly say that your feedback is helping me get through the biggest challenges I am facing. Like the feedback from Tanja Kok below:

BrandedU Quotes Tanja

I love working with women on a one-on-one basis and the interesting thing is that I have started learning more about the kind of coach I want to be from these personal branding sessions. BrandedU has brought me so much more than I expected. I am truly grateful for that!

So I leave you with my tip of the week: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!

Sounds easy right? But really it is the biggest question you will be facing in your career. A lot of women think they know what they want but are really living out other peoples expectations. What do YOU really want? What will really make you happy? Can you be honest with yourself about your true wishes? And again enjoy the process of finding this out. Why? Because it will bring you closer to your true self and therefor closer to achieving your goals.

The question I then get from a lot of women after I ask them ‘do you know what you want’ is: yeah but what if I can’t achieve my goals or what if I fail? I then say: mmmm but what if you don’t? I love this Harvard commencement speech by “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling about failure and goal setting. Enjoy!

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-26 om 17.21.50

P.s. we only have a few tickets left for our personal branding seminar on the 7th of September and only 10 for our workshop ‘ presenting comfortably’.Get yours now!

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