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Newsletter : Don’t you forget about me

Can you believe it has been 30 years since the Breakfast club was released and you were dancing to “Don’t you forget about me” by the Simple Minds?

Man that song still feels so fresh!

I will never ever forget being an intern (placement student as the British call it) at RANK XEROX back in 1996. I was so impressed by that company, already very diverse and able to make a comeback (when Xerox lost its patent in the seventies they lost market share to Japanese copymakers but they re-focused on product management and in the 90-ies made an impact on the markets. Our Real Model today is Ursula Burns The CEO of Xerox and the first African-American on Forbes’ Fortune 500!

modern business

We have a great story this week on our video program. Liesbeth Rigter, CEO of MoneYou talks about changes. Change is good (Alicia Keys told me that once back in 2005 when I told her I was leaving the music industry to pursue a career in Film) and it really is. Changes make us grow, even the ugly, difficult and hard changes we don’t want. You can see her inspiring film about what change has meant to her.

personal branding course

I hurt my knee last week…. of course my mum said that it was the Universe telling me to slow down but of course that is just not going to happen ;-)! Not with BrandedU online masterclasses coming to a computer to you in less than 2 weeks. Have you signed up yet? It is going to be sooo good ;-)!

Well I am off to see Bill Maher perform at De Meervaart.



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Newsletter : Get the party started!

I promised you a surprise right? Well…. here it is my very first podcast! The podcast is about the 10 lessons I learned from artists I worked with in the music industry. Pink is one of them!

Did I tell you when we released Get the party started we were always number 2? This is because Shakira was number one all over the world with Whenever wherever. But Pink actually gave me my first music ‘award’, well maybe award is a big word. But the marketing plan I made for her was chosen by the European office of BMG records in London (that time I was still working in Hilversum) as the best European marketing plan. And I ‘won’ a BOSE headset hahaha. Loved loved loved working with her. So some of you recognised or might have heard these lessons/this story before, I really wanted it to be my first podcast. It’s only 30 minutes so if you want to listen to it here it is.

Hope you’ll like it!


Thalita van Ogtrop - vrouwelijk leiderschap

Newsletter : It’s the beginning of foreveeeeerrrr!

We all need a little bit of John Legend sometimes!

Right?! Who’s with me?!

This week we have a very special surprise for you <>… it is something I have never ever done before. So it’s the beginning of…. Well I won’t say what yet. You will find out soon. Just be patient.

I am writing this letter to you as I return from yet another inspiring network event, this time at the Kahmann Gallery. I am part of the Max Brown Board of Believers (BoB) a network of creative-driven people, initiated by the peeps behind hotels such as Max Brown and Sir Albert in Amsterdam. It is always super fun getting together with creative people such as sculptures, photographers but also music managers and film directors. This time we had a photographer telling us about his art and showcasing his amazing photographs: Brendan de Clercq. He explained that the most important thing for him is to make a real connection with his model(s), he only wants to take a photograph when people take off their mask. I could totally relate to that. That is one of the things we ALWAYS encourage people to do at BrandedU.

So I have started sharing some experiences from participants and here is one I think you’ll like:

achieving success

I so loved the fact that she was so honest about this! We all have masks on sometimes and you know what? It never makes you happy!

This week we have Thalita van Ogrop sharing her story. She is so fearless in her ambition. I love it! She is a well-known promoter of sustainability and her The Next Closet store is a super cool initiative to have women buy more vintage. You should check it out, I promise you… you will buy something. Because it is all designer and high quality from clothing to accessories just simply gorgeous. Thalita is taking her company international, she just moved to Berlin. Just another new beginning. And an inspiration to other women, if she can do it so can you!

vrouwelijk leiderschap

Well I’ll keep it ‘short’ this time because I am preparing for the surprise I am sharing with you soon…..

XO XO Nancy


Newsletter : Shout, Shout, let it all out!

Tears for Fears baby, was I the only one who had a crush on both Roland and Curt? Come on I am talking to you c’mon.

Did I ever tell you I worked with them back in 2004? This was when I was marketing manager Europe for BMG records. I remember doing a press day with them at the Mondrian hotel in LA and how it surprised me that they were nervous about doing interviews. I guess that will never ever go away. Most artists are nervous right before they go on stage and have to perform.

Well, I felt just as nervous when I launched my new project yesterday.

After many sleepless nights pondering: shall I do this…will I be able to pull this off…can I even do this? I just thought why not and stop letting fear rule your life! Am always telling my clients with my big mouth to push themselves and that you can only grow out of your comfort zone. So here I am presenting myself to the world again. Why was I more nervous this time than last year? Still trying to figure that one out. If there are any psychs out there : help a sister out!

So what is it about? This new course is about to go even deeper than the seminars, we are not only helping you take off your professional mask but will guide through it step by step and in just ONE month you will not only have defined your personal brand but will also have learned new techniques on how you can promote it. The course will be available the whole month of june and you can jump in any time from June 1st till June 30th. And once you’ve downloaded it you will have the modules for life baby!

And… I am not doing this by myself. You know I am part of a sisterhood (join us, will ya ;-)), I have some real models helping me out. Buffi, Tilly, Nannette and Amanda I am forever grateful to you ;-). And more names will be announced soon.

The course is something I am super-excited about. We are pushing boundaries here and want to really give you your money’s worth.

If you have seen the new webpage and have watched the video and still have questions, don’t be afraid just send me an email – I am here to help.

So my newsletter is in English and the course will be in Dutch but …WITH english subtitles. I just don’t want to exclude anyone. Registration is now officially open.

Join us will ya?! Have a great weekend my dear!



p.s. I am dedicating the course to my mom, the woman who still teaches me new things everyday and loves me unconditionally!